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Technology has been created to make things easier on our part. Through it, we no longer have to travel distances just so we would be able to talk to someone nor do we need to search through thousands of books just so we would be able to find the information that we need. However, despite the benefits that technology offers us, there are certain drawbacks as well in using them like how it affects our relationship with other people, especially our loved ones.

Believe it or not, a lot of people out there start their day by reaching out to their smartphones, browsing through their social media account or read emails. We are busy enough with using our gadgets that we even forget to greet our brothers, sisters and parents “good morning”. Also, instead of engaging in a conversation with them as we eat our meals, we focus too much in using our devices.

Thus, conversations among family members becomes shorter and even to the point where they realize that they haven’t talked with each other for a long time already.

Also, as conversations now have become digital, where people often talk to each other through instant messages and online chat as compared to talking face to face, it has become quite difficult to know whether the person you are talking to is sincere, joking or being sarcastic. After all, we don’t see the other person face nor do we hear their voice and that can sometimes create misunderstandings. Also, we tend to make assumptions that surely affects how we view each other.

With technology, people have become braver when it comes to letting out their emotions, opinions and thoughts. However, it has also been used for ruining the reputation of a person. As a matter of fact, a lot of people have been bullied online and it has created such a great trauma for them. As a result, they isolate themselves from others. Nevertheless, there are also good sides in having technology like we get to reach a larger number of people and seek for help easily. Though the help of technology, we can send funds that can be used to buy foods, clothing and drinking water to the needy. A patient can also now be able to receive services from their healthcare providers without even leaving their home.

Technology makes us braver

Because many millennials are accountable of buying decisions, various business trends for the coming years will change. As year passes by, people tend to look to the trends that will change how business is being done. For example, during your travels across the country either to speech engagement or conventions, you might have noticed that the audiences’ faces keep getting fresher, irrespective of the industry. For a business owner, professional and expert that crave technology and success, here are some of the business trends you can expect in the near future.

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