Child Development

Culture indeed has a great impact in a child’s development. For example, there are countries who expects children to sleep alone even though they are just months old while there are also some who spends their toddler years sleeping on the same bed as their parents. Also, the values, beliefs and behaviors that are taught to them not only by their parents but also by everyone around them can have an effect on their development as well.

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Even during the child’s toddlerhood, they start adapting to the culture of their parents and the community where they belong. For example, when these children are also learning how to crawl or walk, they have no idea about what is safe and what is not. So, their parents try to do their best to teach their children the places that they can go to and the places that they should definitely avoid like the fireplace, corners of the house, stairs, etc. As a matter of fact, some even puts their babies in a walker to avoid them from bumping into the edges of the house while some baby proofs their entire house.

Now, when it comes to the nutrition that the child is getting, it differs as well. After all, different cultures have different dining customs and foods. There are some who grew up eating rice while there are also some who grew up eating bread. There are children who were fed raw food and has gotten used to it as they grew older while there are also children who cannot even imagine themselves eating raw food.

In some culture, it is considered as a mother’s duty to feed their child breast milk for months or even a year while there are some culture wherein feeding a child powder milk would do. As we all know, how healthy the baby would be would depend on what is fed to them and for babies who lack proper nutrition at a young age tends to be more sickly as they grow older.

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Different culture also have different potty training traditions. In some culture like in East Africa, infants who are just 6 months old are trained how to potty. Infants are carried by their parents at all times and when their child has shown signs that they are about to take a potty, then they would be brought outside and then held over the ground or in some appropriate place to do it. On the other hand, in China, split bottom pants are worn on the children, so that there is no need for them to remove the pants of their child whenever they are about to poo. There are also children who are taught to take a potty by letting them watch videos and learn from the children who are older than them.

Even the way parents hold and carry their children differs from culture to culture. There are culture wherein the parent carries their child whenever they whine and cry while there are also culture wherein parents just wait for their child to stop whining and crying. See? Culture indeed impacts the development of children.

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