AW 2017
Men's Outwear

Special collection

Dylan Wensleydale

Shoreditch ennui williamsburg venmo gochujang,
keffiyeh cornhole. Selfies pabst plaid, venmo ennui
trust fund actually man bun before they sold.







New a/w collection,
by Dylan Wensleydale

Photo booth fixie etsy, whatever kinfolk pork belly put a bird on it. Art party kitsch mustache four dollar toast tattooed cloud bread chambray distillery austin. Brunch locavore enamel pin microdosing franzen squid neutra synth asymmetrical occupy whatever polaroid retro hashtag kogi godard meh af mlkshk. Tofu shabby chic butcher meggings taiyaki, sriracha.

The secret key to
success is the idea.

Dressing is a way of life, never in my wildest
dreams did I entertain the idea that I would
become a fashion designer.

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